Dec 16, 2016

Baptism Beefcake

Baptism is a Christian ritual that symbolizes your spiritual rebirth by dunking you in water or pouring or sprinkling water on you.

Liturgical denominations like the Roman Catholics and Lutherans do it soon after birth, usually by sprinkling.

Nazarenes don't baptize people, calling it "an empty ritual" and a "meaningless superstition."  But other evangelical denominations, like Baptists and Pentecostals, do.

Adults only, by dunking you under.

Imagine having the preacher's strong arms around you as he draws you down into the water and back.  There must be a sensual, homoerotic component to the spiritual experience.

Especially if you war a swimsuit instead of the traditional white robe.

This guy is getting baptized in a towel.  What does he have on underneath?

A couple of teenage boys are performing this baptism in a swimming pool.   Is it my imagination, or is the one on the right bulging a bit?

Evangelicals have to wait for the "age of accountability" to conduct a baptism, so no kids.

But the adults can be of any age.  This beefy older guy waited until quite late in life to get his baptism in.  He's got two swimsuit-clad preachers to guide him down.

A sports figure of some sort is going under in his team uniform.

Why is this guy being baptized in a swamp?

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