Jan 7, 2017

Davis Cleveland Hangs Out with the Big Boys

If you watch the Disney Channel, you've probably seen the 14-year old child star Davis Cleveland around.

The Houston native started out modeling and doing television commercials, then moved to Los Angeles at age 6.  He guest starred on several Disney Channel teencoms, including Hannah Montana and Zeke and Luther, before being cast as Flynn Jones, crazy little brother of the teenage dancer CeCe on Shake It Up (2010-2013).

More recently Davis has starred in Rufus (2016), about a boy whose pet dog turns into a boy played by the immeasurably feminine Jace Norman of Henry Danger.  The sequel, Rufus 2, will appear in 2017.

Also in 2017, presumably around Halloween, we'll see him (or hear him anyway) in the animated comedy BOO (Bureau of Otherworldly Operations, as a child version of Seth Rogan's character.

In his free time, Davis enjoys rollerblading, martial arts, video games, charity work, and social media.

Kids today figure "it" out at an early age, so you're probably wondering, has Davis said anything one way or another?

Not that I can find online, but I love the fact that he likes hanging out with the the big boys.

Like Kenton Duty (Gunther on Shake It Up).

And Adam Irigoyan, Deuce Martinez on Shake It Up.

The caption to this instagram photo reads "Hold me closer, young Tony Danza."

I find it remarkable that a 14-year old would be familiar with the Elton John song, and the way the line "Hold me closer, tiny dancer" was misheard as "Tony Danza."

And that he would know who Tony Danza is...

Ok, who cares?  They're hugging.

This is probably Dylan Sprouse from The Suite Life and those nude selfies.  It might be Cole.

I don't know who this is, but I'd like to.  Davis seems impressed.

Maybe he walked up to a random guy at the gym and asked, "Can I take a selfie with your bicep?"

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