Jan 4, 2017

The Gay Couple of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015-) takes the standard sitcom premise -- innocent in the big city, surrounded by crazies. -- and turns it upside down.  Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) is a scatterbrained yet high-powered corporate attorney who realizes that the only time she was really happy in her life was at summer camp ten years ago, when she had a brief romance with Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III).

So she moves to West Covina, California to stalk him.

She gets a job at the law firm of the quirky, boundary-less Darryl Whitefeather (Pete Gardner), finds a best friend/co-conspirator (Donna Lynne Champlin), and embarks upon crazy schemes.

First up: she dates Josh's friend Greg (Santino Fontana, right) in an attempt to get closer to Josh.

Next: she signs up for yoga classes taught by Josh's girlfriend Valencia (Gabrielle Ruiz), in an attempt to find a "hook" to break them up.

She wrangles an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner.

She pushes herself into a beach date with Josh's posse: Greg, Valencia, the gay gym rat White Josh (David Hull, left), and Hector (Erick Lopez, below).

The plot summaries make it sound like Rebecca is a villain, but she's such a wide-eyed innocent that we sympathize with her.

Besides, Josh isn't much of a prize himself: he's controlling, manipulative, narcissistic, and sort of dumb.  Even his friends don't really like him.

Meanwhile, Darryl, Rebecca's boss, comes out as "both-sexual."

It's nice to see a bisexual character on tv who's not being portrayed as confused or a threat, but when he starts dating White Josh, my suspension of disbelief is strained.

I'm all for older-younger relationships -- I've been in several -- but what on Earth does the super-muscular gym rat see in the bumbling porn stache?

The second season isn't up on Netflix yet, but according to the fan wiki, they're still dating, with rather a stable relationship amid the constantly-shifting heterosexual machinations of Rebecca-Josh-Greg-Valencia-Heather.

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