Mar 15, 2017

Henry Danger Grows Up

I don't have tv anymore, so no Nickelodeon programs, but my original review of Henry Danger back in 2014 called it a "gay subtext classic."  I don't know if it's lived up to my prediction, but I have notice that the slim, ultra-fey Jace Norman, who plays the teen sidekick to befuddled superhero Captain Mann (Cooper Barnes), has grown up.

He's got abs and a chest.

Compare to the skinniness of two years ago.

In a pool with friends.  He's the one who looks slightly nauseous.

Sean Ryan Fox, who plays Henry's best friend Jasper, used to be a bit portly, but at age 15 he's slimmed down and developed abs of his own.  Soon he'll be a teen idol.

No doubt there's a lot of teen fan fiction shipping the two.

Apparently they're best buds in real life, too.

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