Mar 15, 2017

Naked Men in Every Country in the World

 This is Part 2 of my list of dates, hookups, and sausage sightings from the countries I've visited, except for the United States and Europe.  To count, the guy has to be from the country (no expats).

1. Australia. At a conference in Brisbane in 2002, I set out looking for aboriginal men, and ended up  meeting a lot of Caucasians, including a guy with a moustache and a beer can-thick Mortadella.

2. Canada.  I've been to Montreal and Toronto several times, as well as camping in Manitoba and visiting my Canadian cousins.  Probably the muscular bear that Troy picked up at a video booth in Montreal: he worked as a farmer, and spoke no English.

3. Colombia.  In the summer after my freshman year in college, I went to Colombia to build a church.  I wasn't out to anyone yet, so I didn't hook up, but I met a "cannibal" (hustler).

4. Egypt.  After my semester in Turkey in the spring of 1989, I visited Egypt for a few days, enough time to hear Arabic spoken, see the pyramids (not very impressive) and hook up with an auto mechanic from Cairo in his mid 20s with a short beard and a hairy chest.  A little smaller than this photo, but what he lacked in size, he made up for in stamina.

5. India.  My friend Viju took me to India during the summer after we got our M.A. degrees from Indiana University, just before my execrable year in Hell-fer-Sartain, Texas.  A lot of public cruising, notably the Zoroastrian who did it six times a day.

6. Israel.  After my semester in Turkey, I visited Egypt and Israel for a few days.  I mostly wanted to see sites of historic interest, like the Wailing Wall, but I managed to hook up with a student at Bar-Ilan University.

7. Japan.  I spent six weeks in Japan with Alan in the summer of 1986.  We cruised a lot, but I'm going to have to go with Jin, the bed-hopping boyfriend (he started out on Alan's bed, and moved to mine).

8. Mexico.  Tijuana several times when I was living in Los Angeles, plus spring break in Mexico City last year.  I'm going to go with the time Alan and I went to Tijuana in search of sex and languages and went down to a dark, muscular guy at the Banos Vicos.  He didn't speak Nahuatl, though.

10. Panama.  I always wanted to see the Panama Canal, so during spring break in Mexico, I took a side trip to Panama City (it's a five hour flight).  The sightseeing was so great that I didn't have time to cruise,  Fortunately, the gay guys approached me, and I landed a date with a pair of boyfriends.

11. Philippines.  A three-hour layover on the way to Thailand. On the way back, I spent the night. I wanted to go to Rizal Park and the National Museum, and the Club Baths, but instead I ended up on a date with a Filipino teen idol.

14. Thailand.  I visited Bangkok and Pattaya in 1988. It was a paradise if you like soft, smooth Cute Young Things.  I held out for a guy with muscles.

15. Turkey.  During my semester of teaching English in Ankara, I saw a lot of street cruising going on, but my favorite hookup was with Halil, a bodybuilder trainee who invited me to a competition in Istanbul.

The full list, with nude photos and explicit sexual content, is on Tales of West Hollywood.

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