Apr 6, 2017

Rick the Hard Master Tops Scott Baio

Silverlake, March 2009

I'm back in California for spring break.  Will the Bondage boy has invited me to dinner to meet his boyfriend, Rick the Hard Master.

Most people have sex to express affection or erotic interest, or as a form of recreation.  Will the Bondage Boy has sex for those reasons, but to him, "real sex" is about challenging yourself, testing your limits, seeing how much you can endure.

It is about pleasure, pain, humiliation, fear, rage, disgust, hopelessness, and courage.

It is about personal transformation.

There are a lot of bondage tops in West Hollywood and Silverlake, but not many "hard masters," guys willing to top you through elaborate scenarios, push your limits, give you the "punishment you need." Will has known Hard Master Rick for years, and bottomed for him a few times, but they only began dating three months ago.

I'm a little disappointed: I expected Will to serve dinner naked except for a slave collar, while Rick the Hard Master barks orders.

Instead, they behave like any other couple, cooperating to get dinner on the table, calling each other "honey," making jokes, telling us how they first met.  They are dressed in regular jean and t-shirts.  You'd never even know that they are into BDSM

Lane, Marshall, Randall the Muscle Bear, and three guys I don't know are there.  We have the usual dinner conversations about dates from hell, gigantic penises, and celebrity hookups.

"You should ask Rick about some of his clients," Will says. "It will blow your mind."

Turns out that, in addition to topping guys for pleasure, Rick has a little hustling business on the side -- there are so few Hard Masters out there that some guys have to pay for it.  There are a lot of celebrities on his client list, but "doctor-patient confidentiality" prohibits him from revealing their names.

"Come on, you can tell them one..." Will pleads.  "How about the Bottom from Hell?"

"Scott Baio!"  Rick exclaims.  "I've been trying my best to forget that one!"

The full post, with nude photos and sexual situations, is on Tales of West Hollywood.

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