Apr 6, 2017

Warning: Explicit Beauty Ahead

When every guy with a cell phone posts nude selfies on the internet, there are thousands of fabulous faces, sculpted physiques, and gigantic penises on display every time you boot up your computer.

Some photos stand out from the crowd by paying pay special attention to background, light, color, and composition, display some striking emotion, provide a backstory.  Others add a single tiny detail that transforms the photo from merely depicting a cute guy to being beautiful in itself.

1. The pale sculpted physique is offset by the dark checkered shirt and hat, and the penis is offset by the jeans.  But it's the food cooking on the stove that give this photo a lifelike, homey feel: it's a moment of real life.  Dinner is almost ready.

4. Sculpted physique, flawless skin glowing in strong light, jeans drawn down just enough to suggest that they're about to fall off.  The gold watch draws attention to the hands.  Blurry urban background suggest the dangers and delights of the street.

6. Nothing at all threatening or dangerous about this guy. The goofy crooked smile makes him instantly likeable.   He's someone you could hang out with, make fun of bad movies while eating pizza.  Note the pizza coupon on the coffee table and the crackers below.

9. An informal snapshot at some kind of festival, but the juxtaposition is striking: clothed/unclothed, Indian headdrss/rainhat, blue jeans/green jeans.

Yet both are carrying the same cup, and wearing the same bracelet.  What is their connection? Brothers?  Friends?  Lovers?

10. The insouciant expression, cigarette to lips, contrasts with the penis against the pale chest.  The The pale, statue-like physique is set against a blue curtain and a surprisingly vivid hot-pink bedspread.  He's definitely going to recite bad French poetry and try to kiss you with smoke in his mouth.

The full post, with nude photos, is on Tales of West Hollywood

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