May 5, 2017

Fantasy Kidnapping

In many BDSM scenes, the bottom pretends to be unwilling, a prisoner of war being interrogated, a spy being tortured, a hitchhiker who was abducted.

A pretense of force is a powerful way to give up control if you are a bottom, and to exert control if you are a top.  And in fact, in a hard scene, the bottom is testing himself, seeing how much pain and humiliation he can endure, so on some level he is "unwilling."

The website breederf*.com, plays on the fantasy of force by portraying straight guys being kidnapped or tricked into a scene by one or two tops.  They are tied up.  They get some light BDSM.  They are humiliated.  And they are forced into sex.

The tops, usually Adrian and David, are rather craggy, sleazy, and unattractive, which adds to the realism of the scene.  They look like the sort of perv who really might kidnap straight guys -- although they do have the enormous beneath-the-belt gifts  and incredible staying power one expects from a porn performer.

The full post, with nude photos, sexual situations, and the actual name of the website, is on Tales of West Hollywood.

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