Jun 14, 2017

David Hooks Up with 5,000 Guys

Plains, June 2017

David is the only guy I know who still uses the telephone instead of texting -- a good way to put you on the spot!

"I've got a couple of weeks off in June," he said.  "I'd like to fly out and visit you on the Plains."

Gulp!  David from San Francisco, on the Plains?  I had enough trouble trying to entertain Yuri, when he visited a couple of years ago!  And David has a requirement that Yuri doesn't....

"Sure, that would be great," I said, trying not to hesitate.   "It's been three years since we saw each other last, and I think it's your turn to visit me.  Except..."

"Except what?"

Except cruising opportunities here on the Plains are limited, especially during the summer, when all of the students have gone home.  Especially when you're 64 years old.  I might not be able to provide enough hookups to meet your quota!

David did't come out until age 43, and vowed to "make up for lost time" by hooking up with at least five guys per day. Five turned out to be too time-consuming, so he reduced his goal to one per day.  But only someone new, that he hadn't been with before, counted, and he couldn't go to a bath house or sex party and get a whole week's worth done at once. It had to be one per day.

And, in gay communities, it's polite for you to provide the sexual entertainment for your guests.

"Except that I'm scheduled to be visiting my family in Indianapolis the weekend of June 6th," I explain.  "Maybe you could fly in there.  Believe me, there are a lot more fun things to do [more places to cruise] in Indianapolis than in a small town on the Plains!"

"Sure, I'd be happy to meet your family.  And cruise Hoosier farmboys."


I arrive in Indianapolis at noon, visit my mother, and then drive to the airport to pick up David at 3:30.  He's 64 years old, a bald, buffed Daddy with craggy features, a moustache, a tight hairy chest, thick biceps, and extra-thick beneath the belt gifts.  Since I saw him last, he got a pair of nipple rings, which, he said, played havoc with the metal detector at airport security.

We go to dinner with Tyler, my ex-boyfriend Fred's 34-year old "son," who arranges a "West Hollywood Party" for us with about the same guests that were at his New Year's Eve Party: his ex-boyfriends, Jesse and Sandoval (both bears in their 40s), and Mike, the 23-year old waiter in the crazy retro restaurant, plus Mike's boyfriend, a soft, passive, dark-skinned student from Bangladesh.

The full story, with explicit descriptions of sexual acts and 8 nude photos, is on Tales of West Hollywood.

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