Jun 17, 2017

Orange is the New Black Season 5 Beefcake and Nudity

The fifth season of Orange is the New Black (2017) occurs during a riot at Litchfield Prison in the aftermath of Poussey's death.

1. C.O. Humphrey (Michael Torpey), who has been brutally victimizing the inmates, is shot in the thigh.  We get a close up of his penis as Sophia tries to save his life, then some shirtless shots later, when he's in the infirmary.

2. The other guards are captured, forced to strip, and "searched" in front of the inmates. They stay in their underwear through the remainder of the season.

3.  The guy in the left, in the purple underwear, is not one of the guards.  He's Josh (John Palladino), a public relations guy for the prison company, who was trapped during the riot.

4. The captured guards are forced to perform in "Litchfield Idol."  CO Stratman (Evan Hall) performs a strip number, ending up naked except for a sock over his penis.

5. Meanwhile, in Piscatella's back story, his inmate boyfriend Driscoll (Charlie Barnett) is brutally beaten by the other inmates.  Rear nudity.

Charlie Barnett has played gay characters before.  You can see him having sex on Tales of West Hollywood.

6. Piscatella gets revenge by tying the instigator, Rosado (Marcos Palma),  to the showers, turning on the hot water, and letting him get scalded to death.  Rear nudity.

If the situation detracts from your appreciation of the beefcake, just remember that these guys aren't really being humiliated, assaulted, and tortured.  They're acting.

The penis and other nude shots are on Tales of West Hollywood

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