Jul 3, 2017

Who are the Guys in Sweat Pants on My Twitter Feed?

This showed up in my Twitter feed, a welcome change of pace from the outrage over the lunatic in the White House.

"Thanks for the great weekend, boys," the tweet said, signed Dante Colle.

And at the bottom, the watermark "Guys in Sweatpants."

I was intrigued.  Who were these guys?  A baseball team?  A boy band?  An youtube celebrity and his entourage?  And why weren't any of them actually wearing sweat pants?

It proved to be in a bizarre photo format, which wouldn't load in any of my photo programs, so I converted it to a .jpg, but it was still invisible until I copied it onto another file and converted it again.

Which only added to the mystery.  So I started checking out the twitter accounts.

The one on the far left, with the horse shoe tattoo, is Dante Colle, "GQ in the streets, hippie in the sheets.  Pura Vida," with 3,000 followers on twitter.  Lots of shirtless, semi-nude, and NSFW gay sex scenes on his social media feeds.

Kaden Dean, the femme guy with the ears standing next to Dante in the back row, is a 22-year old college student from Texas.  He has a Hebrew phrase tattooed on his chest.  He retweets a photo of himself aroused, sent by Logan Cross with the phrase "Look at this new meat my booty gonna eat."

Logan Cross, the short guy in the front with the weird hair and the chest, is from  Utah, with 58K followers on Twitter.  He likes pizza, pug dogs, Miley Ray Cyrus, his hairstyle, and sex with Kaden Dean.

Leo Luckett, the blond guy with the big red tattoo, second from the left, is  from San Diego.  He likes Harry Potter, peanut butter, and Daddies.   He tweets: "Who wants to top?  I wanna bottom."

Clark Parker,  hiding in the background, second from the right, was born on September 6, 1990, is into skateboarding and sex, and belongs to Slytherin House at Hogwarts.  He's Austin Wilde's sock buddy and favorite bottom.

Austin Wilde, the bald one holding the camera, has 90,000 followers on Twitter.  He lives in San Diego, where he regularly tops men on camera.  It helps if you like dogs and are a good cook.  He won the "Best Body" trophy at the Gay Porn Awards in 2017.

Charles King, on the far right, has excellent abs, representation from Ted Faye, and 1,300 followers on Twitter.  He tweets "I can't remember the last time I paid for underwear," and admits that he's never had sex with Hugh Jackman.

Yeah, it didn't take long to figure out that they were the cast of a porno, and guysinsweatpants.com is a website devoted to "Real. Gay. Sex."  134 models, countless scenes, and an invitation to become a model (the application is quite lengthy, though, so I didn't fill it out).

But it's nice to know that there is still professional porn being made in this age where everybody and his brother has a nude selfie floating around the internet, and it's a class act.

Yes, I have some nude photos on Tales of West Hollywood.

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