Nov 25, 2017

I've Had It

Reader: "How can you possibly make such an outrageous accusation about this actor?  He's normal!"

Me: "Um...I said he starred in some gay-positive movies."

Reader: "He's normal!  He's not gay!  I know because I'm his girlfriend and we hug and kiss every night and we're going to get married!"

Me:  "Um...I said that gay boys find him attractive."

Reader:  "No!  You have no right to slander him like that!  He's not gay!  He's straight!  I'm outraged by the awful things you have said about him!"

Me: "Um...why do you read a gay-themed blog, if you are so upset by gay people?"

Reader:  "I'm not upset by gay people, they can't help it, but nobody should be able to make up horrible lies about someone who's normal!"

I've had it.  I can't take it anymore.


  1. To say "normal" and then hetrosexual is hetrosexist and homophobic. How does this sound? "You know, NORMAL GAY SEX."

    1. The whole exchange is extremely homophobic. I can't figure out why homophobes are reading this blog in the first place. Maybe they stumble on it by accident

  2. I love your response post on Victor Mature. I only hope the reader will understand it's message. Probably not....

  3. She’s probably not even real...

  4. I hope you keep on with the blog. I check it everyday at 7:00 PM. I'm amazed at your encyclopedic knowledge of show business, and comics! Ignore the idiots. Everything here is perfectly reasonable. We are gay. Naturally we emphasize the gay angles. Anyone who can't accept that can get lost.


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