Dec 28, 2017

Sausage Sighting of Prince Harry

The second son of Prince Charles, fifth in line to the British throne, Prince Harry was born on September 15, 1984, and educated at Eton (1998-2003) and Sandhurst (2005-2006) before serving in the British army.  Rather a hellraiser in his youth, as younger brothers are apt to be, he was a darling of the tabloids:  "Prince Harry at a Pot Party!"  "Carousing Naked with a Young Lady!"  "Wearing a Nazi Uniform!"  "Using a Racist Slur!"

His father, Prince Charles, was the subject of many rumors and hookup stories.  In West Hollywood we speculated that his marriage to Diana was a screen, ordered by his mother to "protect the royal name."  But I have not heard any about Prince Harry.

He is entirely gay-friendly, however.  James Wharton, who served with him in the army, notes that he intervened when Wharton was targeted by a homophobic attack. 

He also told Wharton that he was a "gay icon," with a large following among gay men.

No doubt because he has worked with many HIV organizations and the Mermaids, a transgender children's charity.

And because of his bulge.

Those with insider knowledge of such things swear that Windsor men are generally not impressive beneath the belt. Prince William and Peter Phillips (Princess Anne's son)  are both on the small side.  But Harry goes against tradition.

The full story, with nude photos, is on Gay Celebrity Stories

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  1. Never been into him but I like him this year, it's weird.
    That video when he's sharing his popcorn with a child and now seeing him with his future wife, he's kinda likable, even though he's a redhead haha! :D


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