Jan 30, 2018

Searching for Beefcake in Wichita, Kansas, the Land of 1,000 Frowns

I've driven through Kansas, on the I-70 from Kansas City past Topeka, Manhattan, Salinas, and Hays, en route to L.A.  It's flat, endless cornfields and rednecks in pickup trucks.  No place I would ever want to visit.

I especially wouldn't want to visit Wichita, pronounced Witch-a-taw, in the southern part of the state, near the Oklahoma border, known for aviation and cowboys and homophobes (there's a Christian college that expels students if they even live with gay family members).  Ok, there's an art museum, but that won't cut it.  389,000 people are stuck there, in Witch-a-taw.

Searching for beefcake in Wichita, I came up Mark Margress, "Kansas's Sexiest Man."  But he's actually a 21-year old biology student at Bethany College in Lindsborg, about an hour drive away.

Notice that half-smile?  It's the last one you'll see in Wichita.

I found the usual high school and college swimmers.  I like the suspicious glare of the guy in the middle.

 Roughly the same crew, but now they all have suspicious glares.

You can't go wrong with male swimmers selling "topless" car washes.  They don't look happy.

And there are a number of gay guys looking for dates.  Like this very scared skinny guy.

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And this bodybuilder.

And this one.  Hey, a smile! He must be from out of town!

The Wichita All-Male Review offers strip shows on "Ladies' Night."  I imagine no men are admitted.  None of them are smiling, anyway.

Three Wichita guys just hanging in swimsuits outside a parking garage.  None of them are smiling. Aren't they, like, having fun?

Abs and a pouting face.  I'm giving Wichita, Land of 1,000 Frowns, a miss.


  1. Boomer, the Westboro Baptist Church is actually in Topeka, the state capital. Not that it makes any difference.

  2. Every guy does that. I blame the fashion magazines and the porn industry. Smiling is just not something man are allowed to do.

  3. You missed mentioning Lawrence. Very liberal compared to the rest of the state. I've lived here since the early 80's. One of my high school teachers called it the 'Berkley of the Midwest'. It's probably not liberal compared to New York or California, but it stands out in Kansas. And the Phelps clan of the Westboro Baptist Church were notorious for picketing events in Lawrence, until Fred Phelps figured out he could draw more attention at events outside the state. Most locals considered him a nut. Don't miss him at all.


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