Jan 9, 2018

The Men and Boys of Minot, North Dakota

North Dakota has no iconic destination sites nor any particularly pleasant scenry, and it's not a state you'd go through to get anywhere else.  The main reason to visit is that you're a completist, trying to get all 50 states in (you can join the "Saving the Best for Last" club, and get a certificate).

If you do go to North Dakota, you'll probably stick to Fargo, which has some nice museums and art galleries.  If you're adventurous, you might drive west on I-94 to Bismarck, to see the State Capitol.  I doubt that you'll go to Minot (pronounced My-not).

1. It's in the far north of the state, near the Canadian border, about 500 miles from the nearest gay neighborhood.

2. The population is 90% white.

3. The temperature at this writing is -12 degrees.

4. The local art museum consists of two rooms.

5. There is only one gay-friendly church.

6. The Mouse River Players Community Theater is doing A Year with Frog and Toad, A Christmas Carol, The Orphan Train, and 12 Angry Jurors

7. Minot State University doesn't have a drama department or a swim team.  It does have wrestling.

8. Magic City High School has a swim team.  Most of the athletes are girls.

On the other hand, there's an army base nearby.  Who can say no to a hunky soldier carrying a puppy?

Minot has both power lifting and bodybuilding clubs.

That means a lot of muscular guys available for dates.

Of course, you might have to drive into Fargo.

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