Feb 27, 2018

Racine, Wisconsin: The Beefcake that Might Have Been

I spent kindergarten, first, and second grades in Racine, Wisconsin, on the shore of Lake Michigan between Milwaukee and Chicago.  If Dad hadn't been transferred to Rock Island, I could have grown up there.

My few memories of Racine: going to the beach every day, a zoo with a monkey island, Danish kringle, the J. I. Case Company with the logo of an eagle crushing the world.

Sounds like a Paradise.

I could have gone to  Washington Park High School instead of Rocky High.  I like the leggings with characters from Frozen.

Washington Park High School has swimming, wrestling, and track.

And the all-American wrestler of the year with a semi.

Milwaukee could have been the nearest big city.  I would probably have gone to Marquette University instead of Augustana College.  Marquette is known for its water polo team.

Racine has the largest Danish community outside of Denmark.  You know what they say about Danish men.

And a sizeable gay community, with bars, a LGBT Community Center, and an annual Pride celebration.  But if you want something more, Chicago is only 100 miles away.

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