Feb 10, 2018

The Top 10 Beefcake Attractions of McAllen, Texas

I spent a year -- actually about seven months -- in Hell-fer-Sartain, Texas.  That was enough.  I hated every minute of it, and during the 30+ years since, I have tried my best to never set foot in the state.

If you must go to Texas, stick to Austin.  Don't go anywhere near Houston, and absolutely don't go anywhere south of Houston.  You're sopping wet all the time,  the air stinks of propane, and everyone is obese and redneck. 

And especially don't go to McAllen, in the deep south of Southern Texas.  77,000 people, spread out in endless utterly flat block houses.

TripAdvisor says that best restaurant in town is Denny's.

And the best attraction is the library.

Well, it is kind of cool, an abandoned Wal-Mart turned into a 23,000 foot library space.

Maybe McAllen isn't so bad after all.  Here are some other beefcake attractions for gay boys and men:

#2. The Golden Globe Classic bodybuilding competition (top photo)

3. The Rowe Rowing Team.  I guess they practice on the Rio Grande.

4.  The McAllen Swim Club.

5. South Texas College Wrestling.

More after the bfreak

6.  The South Texas Fighting Academy "Rage in the Cage"

7. PBD's Lounge, McAllen's most popular gay bar.

8. The Sharyland Mustangs Swimming and Diving Team.

9. Guys wearing shirts that show their nipples.

10. Gay Hispanic guys looking for dates.  85% of the population is Hispanic.  You could do worse.


  1. Yanno, once you get into the extreme south of Texas, there are a lot more Mexicans. So "everyone's red neck" is unlikely.

    "Hawaii's the most diverse state? It's only 1% black."
    -some Hillbot on Twitter

    1. Yes, I mentioned that McAllen is 85% Hispanic.

  2. Over 50% of the population of Hawaii is Asian/Pacific Islander.


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