Feb 19, 2018

Will Hutchins: Gay Best Friend of 1960s TV

Nobody makes my gaydar go off more than Will Hutchins (1930-). A blond-haired, blue-eyed pretty boy, he got his start in Hollywood with a parody Western, Sugarlips...um, I mean Sugarfoot (1957-61). 

Then he played Paul Lynde's beatnik son-in law/boyfriend in the tv pilot Howie (1962)

A police officer/Elvis Presley's boyfriend in Spinout (1966).

A "prince and the pauper" water skiing instructor/Elvis Presley's boyfriend in Clambake (1967)

Sandy Baron's boyfriend in Hey, Landlord (1966-67).

This studio photo purports to show how macho Will is, working out withcowboy star Clint Walker.  But it actually shows him gawking at the muscular, hairy chest.

Here he's apparently dancing with Ron Ely, who played Tarzan.

He was also a best friend of Jocko Mahoney, another Tarzan.

There are worse ways to spend your retirement than befriending Tarzans.

Hutch was married to Chrissie Burnett (Carol Burnett's sister) for a nfew years in the 1960s, and in 1988, at the age of 58, he married Babs (Barbara Torres).  

Today Hutch is still active on the nostalgia circuit, and he writes a blog called "A Touch of Hutch"  in a "Howdy, pardners!" Western accent.

A very interesting blog!  Reminisces about W. C. Fields juggling at a party, Jack Benny claiming to have starred in Casablanca.  Lots of appreciation of masculine beauty, such as Clint Walker ("his abs have abs.  Cinemascope shoulders") and this practical joke he played on fellow Western star Ty Hardin:

Once, Warner Bros. put on a blacktie soiree at a snazzy hotel in Beverly Hills. We told Ty it was a costume party. There we all were in rented finery, and there was Ty in feather, loin cloth, and full body make-up—yahoo!   Boy, did he have fun that night. The joke was on us.

I hear you, Hutch -- I'd be yelling "yahoo!" at the sight of Ty Hardin in a loincloth, too.


  1. In the photo with Ron Ely, that may be actir Andrew Line.


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