Mar 29, 2018

Real Raytown Beefcake

Mama's Family (1983-1990) is fondly remembered for the sharp-tongued Mama (Vickie Lawrence in old lady drag) and the blatantly displayed biceps and even more blatantly displayed package of her grandson Bubba  (Allan Kayser).  We called it the Bubba Bulge Show.

It was set in the fictional city of Raytown, somewhere in the South, where everything is named "Ray": Chez Ray, the Raymada Inn, Raymart, the Rayhound Bus Line.

The real Raytown is a suburb of Kansas City, a long rectangle surrounded on all sides by more suburbs.  There's no there there: even city hall is on 59th Street.  The most impressive building seems to be the high school.

I wondered if the real Raytown offered any beefcake that could come close to the glory of Allan Kayser.

Some nice abs on the swim team.

Wrestling team, not so much.  I prefer the guy on the losing team, with the cardinal on his thigh.

Interesting view.

Apparently Raytown gyms don't have that pesky "you must wear a shirt" rule.

More after the break.

And the linkedin profiles of Raytown men don't have that pesky "wear a business suit" rule.

A model in a Raytown insurance ad. So this is how young adults are dressing today?

Nice physique, ugly face, and why is he hiding his bulge?  And packing a gun?  Is this how he dresses for a date?


I think I'd just drive the 6 miles into Kansas City to meet a nice, normal gay man.

Or the real Allan Kayser.

See also: Allan Kayser.

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  1. Is Missouri in the South? Didn't secede, but began as a rat's nest of proslavery terrorists, and ultimately reduced Kansas to a puppet state. (Fun thing to talk about when right-wingers go on as nauseam about states' rights.)

    I assume the guy with the gun is a hunter, but handguns are absolutely worthless for hunting. So, a lousy hunter?


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