Mar 24, 2018

The Top 40 Reasons to Visit Youngstown, Ohio

A clickbait article on Facebook named the worst city in America.  To my surprise, it wasn't a city in the Deep South, or in the flat monotony of Kansas, or in the homophobic mountains.  It was Youngstown, Ohio!

What could possibly be wrong with Youngstown, Ohio?

Here are 40 reasons why Youngstown is a great city.

1. It's an hour's drive from two gay  neighborhoods.

2. The Museum of Industry and Labor.

3 and 4.  Look closely.

5. The Institute of American Art, with works from every great American artist from Thomas Eakins to Andy Warhol.

6. The Mineshaft, a real old-fashioned leather bar.

7. The Riverside Gardens.

8 and 9.  Look closely again.

10.  It's a Rust Belt city that has lost half of its population. Its vacant housing rate is 20 times the national average. But that means that housing is cheap.

11.  The De Vor Performing Arts Center, a restored old theater.

12. Nice abs.

13. This mural.

14. It's the home of Ed O'Neill of Married with Children and Modern Family.

15. And the Warner Brothers, making it the birthplace of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.

16.-20.  I'm not counting the one with the gross ring (blocked out).

21.  He needs a full body shot, preferably nude.

22. The population is 45% African-American.

23.  Dorian Books, one of the best used bookstores in the U.S.

24. The Golden Hunan Restaurant.

25.-39.  I think there are 14 here.  It's hard to keep track of them all.

40. Scott Eastwood.  I'm not sure what his connection is -- he's the son of Clint Eastwood, born in California.  But he popped up on Google Images when I searched for "Youngstown, Ohio."  So presumably if you visit Youngstown, Scott will be available as a tour guide.

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  1. Meh, I think most of those clickbaity articles are Footloose fantasies.

    In the 80s, every movie was about migrating to expensive coastal towns like Los Angeles. I guess write what you know? A lot of nonsense is the result of that.


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