Apr 30, 2018

Deciphering the Mysterious Water Polo Team Photo

This photo of buffed guys holding soccer balls over their crotches is labeled "First Year CBC JV water polo team finishes third in state tournament."

I have no idea what any of those words mean, but the sleuthing will be fun.

1 JV is easy.  It means "junior varsity," a team representing a high school or college at a level below "varsity" (the main team).  Here's a varsity swimmer with a Halloween pumpkin on his trunks.

2.   What is CBC?  Clicking on the link doesn't help: it's from a newspaper website called STLToday, with all of the text blocked out until you subscribe.  None of the menu items tells you what or where STL is.

3. I know the article was published by Katie Siebuhr in May 2012.  Googling her leads mostly to some articles by "Aaron Siebuhr,"  who lives in Toowomba, Queensland, Australia, where you can join the Coogee Life Saving Club.

4.  Finally I find another Katie Siebuhr article:  "Gateway FC Vest took on challengers across the Midwest," from the same STLToday, October 2012.  No idea what any of those words mean. Maybe Gateway is a high school?

There's a Gateway High School in Osceola, Florida, with a wrestling team, the KowBoys.  But this is in the Midwest.

5. Ok, another article:  "Eagles' Hruby good as gold this summer," in July 2010.  "American National's Brian Hruby is a St. Louis Cardinals kind of pitcher." 

Does he play for the Eagles, the American National, or the St. Louis Cardinals?

All three, evidently. The American National Eagles is a baseball program that began in 1975.  The have teams in the 15U-18U levels, and play for the SLABA (St. Louis Amateur Baseball Association).

15U means "15 and under," and 18U, "18 and under."  So what if you're 14 years old -- don't you qualify for both groups?

American National Eagle J'lil Cage (great name!) played basketball, baseball, and football at Orchard Farm High School in St. Charles, MO.

St. Charles is a northeastern suburb of St. Louis, about 30 miles away.  It has its own Gay Pride Festival.

At least now I know that STL is St. Louis.  Clever to make it so hard to figure out, STLToday!

6. CBC in Saint Louis = Christian Brothers College High School, a "Lasallian Catholic college preparatory school for young men," founded in 1850, tuition $14,700 per year.  Notable alumni include King Baggot (silent film star with a weird name) and a lot of professional soccer players.

It's not at all confusing to have both "college" and "high school" in your name.

7.  There are 16 "Christian Brothers Colleges," but only two in the U.S.  The other one, in Memphis, is an actual college (post-secondary education).

Wasn't that fun?


  1. Reminds me of a controversial ad from my childhood. It was an ad for sports uniforms featuring a boys' soccer team wearing just shoes. (For the record, I was like, eight at the time, and basically I only remember it because my grandmother saw it on 60 Minutes.)

    And I swear, team names like the Kowboys are an ill-fated attempt to cheat at Scrabble. This also applies to brand names like Majique.

    1. I’ve never seen that ad . Around what year was it?

    2. Like, between 1990 and 1992, I think. I was a kid. I can barely remember what years shows I watched were on, what shows I caught as syndicated reruns (Cable networks did this a lot in their early days.) Most 60 Minutes stuff didn't interest me: If it was germane to post-Boomer generations, they'd get it wrong. (Here, I distinctly remember thinking about how my friends and I stripped to swim and wrestle, so as not to ruin our clothes. I saw the Coppertone girl as an atrocity, though.)

    3. if it helps, STL is the airline code for St. Luis

    4. I figured that out about halfway through the research

  2. STL might be St. Louis


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