Apr 13, 2018

Four Questions about Ashwaubenon

I found this photo while googling for small town beefcake. His wrestling singlet reads "Ashwaubenon Jaguars."

Two questions:
1. Where is Ashwaubenon?
2. How soon can I be there?

Ok, a third question:

3. Where do I go to meet Ashwaubenon men?

Question 1:  It's a suburb of Green Bay, Wisconsin, straddled between Lambeau Field, where the Green Bay Packers play, and the airport.  The name comes from an Ojibwe word meaning "Lookout."  There's a high school, a mall, and a railroad museum.

Sounds great.

Question #2:  It's 500 miles from me.  Three hours by airplane, eight hours by car, 21 hours by bus.  These guys appear to be saying "Take the plane."

Question #3: There are several gay bars in Green Bay, but if you have a special interest in Ashwaubenon guys, probably the Mall or  Cooke Park.  Or you can always fall back on the old standby, Grindr.

This Grindr guy thinks that his abs are a bigger draw than his face.  He may be right.

The Performing Arts Center sponsors many musical groups (The Little River Band later this spring), and rhe high school has a spring play.  Plus a lot of swimming events.

What's with the kid? He looks about six years younger than the other swimmers, and rather embarrassed, as if he showed up for the wrong photo shoot.

One more question:

4. What's with the prison-stripe pants?  They look ridiculous -- better take them off.


  1. I actually thought "Is this one of those towns like Texarkana or Calnevari?" Sounds like it.

    Yeah, I do speak Lakota, a bit of Cheyenne, and I can say hello, thank you, and killer in Cherokee. (It's a common Cherokee name,) But I gave up on Ojibwe just for the complicated grammar. And Siksika because how do you have a long stop? Yet p:, t:, c:, and k: are part of that language somehow, and contrast with p, t, c, and k.

  2. That's impressive. I've never tried any Native American languages, but if I started one, it would probably be Lakota.

  3. Well, I know the Cherokee word for killer (tihi) entirely because I know some Teehees and Coosateehees and Tenkillers. Don't let Trump find out their language lacks p, though!

    I know Lakota and a bit of Cheyenne because I am Lakota. The phonology can be a bit weird, with double stops like pte (buffalo) and kte (future tense ending, also means kill, so "I'm killing the spider" would be "inktomi wakte", though it's taboo to kill spiders). The grammar also means anything can be a verb.

    Siksika is because one Cherokee guy I know, his husband is Siksika. I don't know the language at all, though, just tooK one look at "long stops" and said "Just how?"


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