Apr 5, 2018

Searching for Acalanes

This photo was just captioned "Acalanes."   Was it a person or town?

I googled it, and found more Acalanes.  Maybe it means "swimsuit" in Catalan.

Or "embarrassment of riches."

Turns out it's a high school named after Rancho Acalanes, which in turn is the Spanish pronunciation of a Native American tribe in the East Bay, the Saklan.  

It's in Lafayette, California, just east of Berkeley, a wealthy suburban community with winding roads, expensive houses, five-star restaurants like Postino (fancy steamed clams for lunch?), and guys with abs.

Not just twinks.  Lafayette, California offers muscle men of all ages.

All ages.  Anybody want a date with a 61-year old competitive bodybuilder?

But mostly twinks.

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  1. One irritating thing: We now have IPA notation, Americanist notation, Extended Cyrillic in Alaska and parts of Washington, Spanish notation (really Iberian, since Spanish notation can't decide if x is palato-alveolar like Portuguese or velar like Spanish), and "whatever the hell approximates these sounds in post-Great Vowel Shift English".

    And nobody bothers to explain which notation they're using.


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