Apr 17, 2018

The Most Beautiful Beefcake in Illinois

I just read a click-bait article on "The Most Beautiful Small Towns in Every State."  For my
state of Illinois, it named Galena.

A small town on the Mississippi in the northwest corner of the state, about ninety minutes from Rock Island. Notable for the Horseshoe Mound, constructed by the Hopewell Culture of ancient Native Americans, the Ulysses S. Grant house, and um...well...an ugly downtown with a lot of vacant buildings.

I judge a town's beauty on its:
1. Architecture
2. Museums
3. Bookstores
4. Men.

Galena has some pleasant views, I suppose; and the  Chicago Athenaeum, a truly ugly building dedicated to modern architecture; and a rare bookstore, Main Street Fine Books and Manuscripts (Jean Cocteau's The White Paper will cost you $40)

What about the men?

Galena High School has the usual swimming and wrestling teams.  This wrestler does seem somewhat prettier than the usual stern, grunting jocks.

The Galena High School Drama Club has the habit of photographing guys shirtless.  I don't know why.

Here's a photo from the annual drama club banquet.  I love the horny expression of the guy on the right.  He's ready to pounce.

More after the break.

This is from a play called Bloody Quiz Bowl.   Weird facial paint, nice chest.

I'll bet you didn't know that there is skiing in Illinois.  This is the captain of the skiing team.

You can find hunky teenagers in any town -- they're stuck there until they graduate from high school.  But the key to a town's masculine beauty is the adults.  Do the cute guys stick around, or high-tail it to the nearest big city?

Galena has some Silver Foxes.

He looks like the captain of the skiing team?  Dad, maybe, or an uncle?

There are some Galena bodybuilders, too.

And everything in between.

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