Apr 30, 2018

The Small-Town Beefcake of France

Finding small-town beefcake in France is not as easy as it sounds.  There just aren't a lot of pictures of swimmers, wrestlers, and other beefcake icons posted online.  But by doing a judicious search on lycée, université,  équipe de natation, and nageurs, I've managed to come up with some high school and college swimmers.

1. The  Lycée Camille Jullian is in Bordeaux is one of the few schools in France to offer Slovak instruction.

2. The Lycée Carnot in Paris is the alma mater of former French president Jacques Chirac and postmodern philosopher Gilles Deleuze.

3. Swimmers from the Stade Français Olympique, a swim club in Courbevoie, near Paris.

I like the peace-sign swim trunks.

4.The Lycée Monge is a technical school in Chambéry in southeastern France, the home of philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

5. I don't know who these swimmers are, but they're from Bagnères-de-Bigorre, a commune in the Pyrenees Mountains, very close to the Spanish border.

More after the break.

6. And these are from the Côte d'Azur, the French Riviera.

7.  The Lycee Arcisse de Caumont in Bayeux.  You mean residents of Bayeux don't spend all their time looking at the famous tapestry?

8. The Lycee Chanzy is in Charleville-Mézières, in the Ardennes.  It offers field trips to Paris to tour the Louvre.  It's nice to know that the French are as crazy about their museums as we Americans are.

9  Two swimmers from the ESV at the championnats Élite in Strasbourg.  I don't know what ESV is, but the swimmers from Vitry-sur-Seine, a suburb of Paris.

With all the museums and architectural marvels, how can anyone in France find time for swimming?

10.  Some athletes preparing for the European championships in Dinan.

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  1. I thought that sign meant victory. (For the record, the other peace sign just means nuclear disarmament.)

    It's actually surprising how little French small-town beefcake there is. French actors (and German actors, Spanish actors, Italian actors, really, just, Europeans in general) seem more apt to get naked, though.


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