May 17, 2018

10 Swim Team Mysteries

In my quest for small-town beefcake, I've accumulated a lot of photos of small-town high school and college swim teams posing for the camera.  Most of them are straightforward, a row of guys in speedos standing in front of a swimming pool, arms crossed or behind their backs, with a coach in the middle.

 Sometimes two rows.  But a few of the photos are just -- well, odd.  One has to wonder about the mindset of whoever thought it was a good idea to publish the photo on the team website, or in the newspaper.

1.  How old is this team? The guy on the far left looks around 30, and the fourth over, about 10.

2.  Speaking of age, did one of their dads get into the photo by mistake?  Dig the false smile of the guy standing next to him.

3.  N.O.L. must mean "blond only."

4. Dude, when the coach said "Wear speedos," that's not what he meant.

5. Ok, I guess it's a swim cap, but it looks like green glop on his head.

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6. What, exactly, are these two doing with their hands?

7. An odd assortment of facial expressions: happy, angry, sleazy, and bored?

8. Mug shots.

9. I don't know what they're doing, but I like the guy on the left who thinks it is ridiculous.

10.  Are they walking on water?

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