May 10, 2018

African Muscle #3: Southern Africa

Time for more appreciation of the masculine beauty of sub-Saharan Africa, this time the south. 

1. Angola, on the south west coast, is a former Portuguese colony, and Portuguese is still the first language of nearly half the population.

2. Moving south, we come to Namibia, a former German colony, home of the Bushmen.  It also has a substantial white minority.  I don't know the ethnicity of this cute Namibian swimmer.

3.  The Republic of South Africa was the first country to include gay rights in its constitution, and it's the only country in Africa with legal same-sex marriage.  Nice abs.

4.  A South African swimmer.

5.  I like the short one on the left, although his teammates have better abs.

More after the break.

6.  Although it is next door to the richest country in Africa, Botswana is one of the poorest, and one of the most homophobic.  But this bodybuilder is packing.

7. Zimbabwe is even worse.  Remember Robert Mugabe: gay people are "worse than dogs and pigs"?  Stay away.

8. The white population of Zimbabwe is far less than 1%, so I don't understand the demographics of this swim team.

9.  Bodybuilders from Zambia.

10.  And on the southeast coast Mozambique, another former Portuguese colony.

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  1. In South Africa, a lot of it is because a lot of anti-apartheid whites were gay.

    I knew a professor who taught in Zimbabwe. Fruit vendors with scurvy. He gave his students vitamins, and was accused of giving them amphetamines. Seriously, if you're ever in charge of a state, don't do this.


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