May 2, 2018

Czech and Slovak Small-Town Beefcake

Searching on "swim team" and "swim club" in local languages is hit or miss.  Bulgarian, nothing.  Czech and Slovak, pay dirt.  Unfortunately, the translation is a bit of a problem.

1.  Swimmers with monsters on their swimsuits, from .Labská, a ski resort town in the northern Czech Republic.

2.  Zabrplavrek, which is not a town or a phrase in Czech.

3. I couldn't get a translation.  Spectacular physiques from somewhere in the Czech Republic.

4. Mladi is a socialist group for youth aged 15 to 35.   Which apparently has a swim team.

5.Plavecký klub Orca Michalovce,  the Orca Swim Club of Michalovce, Slovakia, population 40,000.  (Slovak and Czech have similar words for "swim club").

This particular club has a gallery with many photos of buffed Slovak swimmers.

6.MEDAILE PLAVCŮ JISKRY NA ZÁVĚR SEZONY, which just translates as "Swimming Pool Medals at the Season."   I thought there would be a city name in there somewhere.  Interesting mussed hair and dazed expression on the guy on the left.

More after the break

7.Dukla Praha is a sports complex in Prague that offers swimming, canoeing, handball, fencing, and yoga.

8. Mladá Boleslav is a town 50 km from Prague, where the swimmers are a bit older.

9. Pink swimsuit on a guy from Zlin, in southeastern Moravia.

10. Swim contest winners from Brezno, Slovakia, population 21,000.

11. A nicely buffed male swimmer covering his crotch, from Rimavska sobota, in southern Slovakia.

12. Českokrumlovský plavecký klub, the Swim Club of Chesky krumlov, in southern Bohemia.

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