May 15, 2018

Dodge City: The Ghosts of the Past

Dodge City, Kansas doesn't sound like a wild west town.  It's 150 miles from Wichita, with Nebraska directly north.  But it was a center of the cattle trade, and it had more gunslingers per capita than any town in the West, such as Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp,

Today it relives its heritage with the Boot Hill Museum, which has a reconstruction of the original Front Street, plus the Trail of Fame, a cowboy statue, and a gunfighters wax museum.

The population of 27,000 is mostly employed in tourism and the beef industry.  Is there any beefcake?

The gym offers little of interest: ugly guys with six-pack abs

Dodge City High School has the usual wrestling team.

There's a community college.  I like the globe in the background, to indicate that this is an academic sphere.

More after the break.

Interesting powerlifter.

Guy in Dodge City who wants a date.

Him, too.

But he might be from some other Dodge:

Dodge Center, Minnesota.

Fort Dodge, Iowa

Dodge Junction, Washington (also a town in Equestria in the My Little Pony universe).

Searching for "Dodge City bodybuilders" came up with this guy, who is from Milwaukee. I don't know why.

And these ghosts of the past.

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  1. As the Orange Devil might say, "Not many people know Dodge City is a Wild West town." You know, because "get the hell out of Dodge"?

    Ooh! Do Deadwood next! The local museum helpfully provides the full Dead Man's Hand: The kicker card is a 9. (The version I heard was it was a full house, but whatever.)


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