May 5, 2018

Heterosexism on Netflix

In spite of the gains that we have made during the last two decades, mass culture is still overwhelmingly heterosexist, endlessly portraying boy-meets-girl hetero-romances and erasing gay people from the universe.  Let's see what's "Popular on Netflix"

Day of the Dead: Bloodline (2018):A former medical student battles for survival against an evil human-zombie hybrid.  0% chance that she will be gay, 100% chance that she will fall in love with Jeff Gum (left).

Revolt (2017): Following a devastating alien invasion, an American soldier and a French foreign aid worker attempt to find refuge in the Kenyan countryside.  0% chance that those two will be of the same sex.  100% chance that they will fall in love.

Marvel's The Punisher (2017): A former Marine out to punish the criminals responsible for his family's murder.  100% chance that he has a dead wife., 100% chance that he gets a new girlfriend.

Game Over, Man! (2018).  Three buddies go from slackers to badass warriors when their posh hotel is taken over by terrorists.  0% chance that one or more of them is gay, 100% chance that one or more of them gets a girlfriend.

Candy Jar (2018):  The title makes it sound like softcore porn, but it's actually about duelling high school debate champs.  One is Jacob Latimore.  0% chance that the other one is a guy, 100% chance that they fall in love.

Amateur (2018): After he's recruited to an elite prep school, a 14-year old basketball phenom is confronted by corruption and greed.  0% chance that he is gay, 100% chance that he gets a girlfriend.

Babylon Berlin (2017): A haunted copy and a poor typist uncover a political conspiracy in 1929 Berlin.  100% chance that they are male and female, 100% chance that they fall in love, 0% chance that there are any gay characters, except maybe some decadent, overly-made up types at the Kit Kat Club.

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