May 5, 2018

Magyar Izom: Hungarian Muscle

Hungarian is a Finno-Ugric language, distantly related to Finnish, and not at all related to the Germanic and Slavic languages that surround it. 

I want to go to your room.
German:  Ich möchte auf dein Zimmer gehen
Czech:  Chci jít do svého pokoje
Hungarian: Akarok menni a szobájába

So in searching for Hungarian beefcake, I had trouble with deciphering locations.  Mostly I found just the pictures.

1. Juszp-csapat.  "Csapat" means "team." 

2. The other half of the same photo, with the girls omitted.

3.  Some laughing Hungarian athlete, one with a basket.

4. I like the eyeglassed guy in the back.

5. Is he trying to be Marky Mark, grabbing himself to music?

More after the break

6. Some nicely tanned physiques in those ubiquitous Arena swimming shorts.

7. And some Hungarian speedos.

8. "Vegyes Berlin Bronze."  "Vegyes" means "mixed."

9. Daniel Toth, a Hungarian bodybuilder.

10. Kristzian Berki, a Hungarian gymnast.

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