May 25, 2018

More Small Town Swimmers

I didn't quite finish with my last post on 
interesting pictures of small-town swimmers.

1. Annandale, near Washington, DC.  I've never seen swimmers wearing Santa Claus hats before.  Their swim trunks look like gift packages.

2.  A surprising number of Austin, Texas swimmers are destined for careers in modeling.

3. Bismarck, North Dakota.  You rarely see chubby guys on the team.

4. Creekside High School is either in Florida or Georgia.

5. Decorah, Iowa, an old Lutheran town.  I have lots of stories about Decorah, but none involving these guys with interesting hair.

6. The photo is labeled Great Falls, Montana.  So why is someone wearing a "Langley Swim Team" shirt?  Langley is in northern Virginia.

More after the break.

7. Ocean City, New Jersey.  Ok, if you're not embarrassed about showering with other guys, smile.

8. The photo is just labeled SMN.  Southern Minnesota? Salmonella, Idaho? Some Male Nudes?  

9. St. Pius.  There are St. Pius schools in a dozen states and provinces.  I hope it's the one in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

10.  Texarkana, Texas.  The photo cuts off there, plus it's obvious that he's covering up.  What are they trying to hide?

11. Transylvania College.  Is that a legitimate diving position?

12. Woodstock, New York.  


  1. Yanno, a more efficient route for a pipeline from Alberta to NOLA would go through Bismarck...Or just take it out west since it's going to China anyway.

    Maybe the Langley guy's undercover? From the same division that kept trying to kill Castro.

    I can't help but think Transylvania College has a swim team? I thought they couldn't cross water. And that looks like it's daylight. They aren't in Transylvania at all.

    1. Transylvania College was founded long before Transylvania was associated with vampires, but they have a little vampire bat on their logo.


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