May 21, 2018

Searching for Cowboys in Norco

Norco sounds like a conglomerate, "Norco Brand Shredded Beets," and it's actually named after the Northern Corona Land Company. 

It's a planned community in Riverside County, about 60 miles east of West Hollywood.

 It opened in 1923 as a "Western town," with a wild west theme, and today it remains "Horsetown U.S.A.," with horse trails instead of sidewalks and hitching rails instead of parking meters.

There are various horse murals throughout town, some equestrian events, and a lot of equestrian clubs. 

In Norco you don't drive, you ride.

So I figured I could find some nice beefcake photos of Norco cowboys.

Oddly, Norco High School's team is the Cougars, not the Cowboys.  It doesn't offer equestrian activities, but it does have wrestling.

There's a Norco Wrestling Academy, but it turns out to be just a kids' club that meets in the high school wrestling room.

It also has a swim team.  I wonder if you ride your horse to the meets.

Searching for equestrian events yields lots of cowgirls, but no cowboys.

"Norco Men Dating" yields a lot of photos of bicycles, and specifying "face photos" yields.a picture of Tobey Maguire.

I guess he did make a movie about a horse.

"The Cowboys of Norco" is a Western action shooting club.  Apparently they pretend to shoot each other while promoting the values of "life, liberty, and freedom."

I think I'd better drive into Los Angeles and find my cowboys at Spurs.

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  1. It's also another brand name for Tylenol.

    My metabolism is weird; acetaminophen actually makes my headaches worse.


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