May 17, 2018

Searching for Moroccan Beefcake

Who isn't fascinated by Morocco?    Rabat, Fez, Tangiers, Marrakesh, the Beat Generation, Mohamed Choukri, the Berber language, Darija (a dialect of Arabic so distinct from Standard that it's not even mutually intelligible).

And of course, Moroccan men.

But searching for beefcake in Morocco is tricky. Keyword searches go over the map.

1. Morocco Boys Swim yields PLHS, which stands for  Prior Lake High School, Minnesota, the other side of the world from Morocco.

2. Morocco Boys Swimming.  Wholesale multicolor men's briefs for sale by, which is located in Beijing.

3. Morocco Men Swim: DHGate again. 

4. Morocco Men Swimming: A Youtube video on "How girls pick up guys at the swimming pool."  I doubt it's from Morocco.

5. Morocco Swim Team: The Rottnest Channel Swim, one of Western Australia's iconic events!

6.Morocco was a French protectorate from 1912 to 1956, and French is still widely used in education and communication.  So why not: Maroc Nageurs

It leads to Jiha Natation, the champions of Morocco in 2008.  Ten years ago, not bad.

7. Maroc Natation came up with Ali Aziz Alaoui, 22 years old, an engineering student originally from Meknes, Morocco, studying in France.

8. Try it in Arabic:  السباحة المغربية.

It leads to a newspaper article with this photo.  The headline translates as "Yousef Abu Haq takes the lead in the Qalqilya Swimming Schools Championship." 

Qalqilva is a city on the West Bank in Palestine, nowhere near Morocco.

9.  Just for fun, let's try "Swim Team Morocco" in Serbian.

It leads to an article about a swim rally in Zrenjanin, Serbia.


  1. Did you check Moroccan bodybuilders? Seem to be a lot of Muslim bodybuilders.

    Don't be too surprised by the Palestinian result. I've seen a lot of Palestinians with Syrian, Lebanese, Egyptian, Saudi, and Iraqi toponyms. (It's actually humorous to me, given how the Palestinian cause markets itself to leftists.) Never Moroccan, to my knowledge.

    1. I'll do Moroccan bodybuilders with "North African Muscle"


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