May 24, 2018

Small Town Swimmers

I'm getting tired of looking for small-town beefcake.  It's always the same: some high school swimmers and wrestlers, and if I'm lucky, some bodybuilders down at the local gym.  Time to move on to other things, but first, some interesting photos of swimmers.

1. Cape May, New Jersey.  I like the French-bordello-red pants.

2. Corvallis, Oregon.  I knew a straight guy from Corvallis.  Homophobic to the max.  But I like these guys posing underwater,

3.  Fargo.  I'm wondering how the swim trunks stay on.

4. Flint.  You'd never know that Flint is 80% black, but it is interesting that the black guy is the only one with someone's arm around his shoulders.

5. Fort Smith, Arkansas.  Another underwater posing pic.

6. Fort Wayne, Indiana, the nearest big city to my parents' home town.  A lot of nicely shaped abs.

More after the break.

7. Myers Park, in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The interesting thing is, this photo is labeled "Myers Park Women's Swimming." 

8. North Bend High School in Oregon, where the principal was fired for permitting homophobic discrimination.  This swimmer has the world's best hair.

9. Oshawa, Wisconsin.  Nice that the guy with the chest is a mentor to kids.

10. Poulsbo, home of the Vikings.

11.  Woodcreek.  Who cares where it is?

12. San Diego Prep.

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  1. To explain the Flint one, swimming pools were another thing that was segregated, including throwing acid into the pool to force black swimmers out.

    Actually, 90% of stereotypically white things were either restricted either deliberately or unintentionally or, um, I guess mayonnaise jokes just plagiarized Lenny Bruce?


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