May 23, 2018

Small Town Wrestlers

I'm getting tired of looking for small town beefcake.  Time to move on to something else.  But I have a file of photos of miscellaneous small town guys to post.  First up, the wrestlers.

1. Arkansas City is a small town in Kansas, nowhere near Arkansas (the states don't even share a border).

2. Auggies made me think of Augustana, my alma mater, but he's actually from Augsburg College in Minneapolis.

3. Carson City, the capital of Nevada, nowhere near Las Vegas or Reno.

4. Eastport, New York, on Long Island.

5. Flint, Michigan, formerly a car city.

More after the break

6. Fort Wayne, Indiana, the nearest big city to my parents' home town.  We visited about once a year.

7. Oshawa, in Ontario.

8. Roseville, Minnesota

9. Shawnee High School in New Jersey

10. The 1929 Tufts wrestling team.  I checked -- no pictures of other vintage beefcake.

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