Jun 12, 2018

Searching for Beefcake in the World's Biggest Shopping Mall

Roseville is a suburb of Sacramento,about 20 miles north, by the airport.  If you're taking I-80, you'll go right through it, but you probably won't stop.   It has the look of a suburb: endless stretches of flat auto dealerships, shopping malls, and fast-food joints.


Actually, it is the home of the biggest shopping mall in California (not actually the world), the Westville Galleria (487,806 square feet), and across the street, the Fountains at Rosewood (330,000 square feet), a destination for shoppers from hundreds of miles away.

It's wealthy enough to have the Roseville High School swim team professionally photographed (top and left copyright 365studio).

Woodcreek High School in the suburb next door isn't quite as rich, but it does allow its wrestlers to work out shirtless.

Jeremy Buendia, who has won the Mr. Olympia competition four times, is from Roseville.

And there are many less stellar but still impressive bodybuilders working out at Fitness Evolution, NewFire Fitness, and the Koko Fit Club.

Not to mention the Roseville Boxing Academy.

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  1. Bunch of cute guys. I'd love to get to know each of them once he turns 18.


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