Jun 24, 2018

The Brazilian Boy Stripped Naked by Aliens

Alien abduction stories today often involve have a sexual component: the harvesting of eggs or sperm from the abductee through a mechanical device, or forced sexual activity.  But the convention began long before the abduction era, during the first UFO "flap" (sudden surge of sightings), with the experience of Antonio Vilas Boas.

About 1:00 am on October 16, 1957, the 23-year old farmer was working near Sao Francisco de Sales in Minas Gerais province, Brazil (working at night because it was too hot during the daytime).  Suddenly his tractor stalled, and a huge glowing "star" appeared.  An egg-shaped spaceship landed, and some humanoids resembling classic greys came out.

He was terrified and tried to run away, but after a struggle, they subdued him (apparently the technology to paralyze humans, found in later accounts,  hadn't been invented yet).

 They dragged him onto their spaceship, stripped him naked, and rubbed him all over with a thick clear liquid.

Then they took him into another room and took two blood samples (from his chin).

Finally they put him in a third room by himself and pumped in some red gas.  A naked female humanoid appeared (the picture he drew makes her look like a blond Jessica Rabbit).

He immediately became aroused -- due to the aprodisiac qualities of the gas, he thought -- and they had sexual intercourse.  Afterwards the humanoids led the female away, gave him a tour of the ship, and let him go.

The technology to wipe memories hadn't been invented yet, either, so he remembered everything.  After complaining of nausea and other symptoms of radiation exposure, he reported his experience to to Dr. Olavio T. Fontes of the National School of Medicine, who also happened to be a UFO researcher.  His story appeared in newspapers and UFO journals throughout Latin America, and in 1965 appeared in the U.S., in the Flying Saucer Review.  

Vilas Boas later became a lawyer in the city of Formosa.  He married and had four children.

Researchers point out evidence that the story was a hoax -- it appeared during a UFO "flap" in Brazil, and similar stories were appearing in the media -- he never recanted it.

You're probably wondering, heterosexual intercourse, man with four kids. Where's the gay angle?

I first read the story  in some paranormal magazine at my aunt's house when when I was 13 or 14 years old.

1. I had studied Spanish (not Portuguese), but I had never met anyone from Latin American before.  It was fun imagining a muscular, hung Brazilian farmer.

2.  A man being stripped naked, while other men rub things on him and insert things into him, seemed strangely provocative.

3.  This was the first time I actually read about anyone being "aroused."  I knew what arousal was, and I could easily imagine it,without the presence of the female humanoid.


  1. What I always found interesting is, how we obviously don't need sex to recombine DNA, but the aliens do, biochemical barriers be damned. It's such a common trope though: Spock and Gohan both come to mind as well-known alien hybrids in pop culture. (Especially when UFO buffs are in love with silicon-based life: Silicon dioxide is solid, such as quartz, sand, and glass.)

    Early HSOWA?

    1. I never read any alien abduction stories with a silicon-based life form. There are silicon-based beings in the "Well of Worlds" science fiction books, but they're so different from the carbon-based beings that communication is impossible.


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