Jul 13, 2018

Four Wrestling Twins at Duke University

Duke University in Durham, North Carolina is the Harvard of the South, with an 11% acceptance rate and tuition of $53,000.  The Duke University Press publishes impenetrable, jargon-heavy books with titles like Abject Performances and Infrahumanism.  So I didn't expect to find much beefcake there.

But it turns out that all of that money can be channeled into extensive media promotion of Duke athletes.  Wrestling is especially well represented.

Team superstar seems to be Jacob Kasper, a Redshirt Senior from Lexington, Ohio. We even get a list of "fun facts," like his favorite karaoke song is "Don't Stop Believing."

Matt Finesilver is a prominent newcomer, a freshman from Greenwood Village, Colorado, where he was a four-year letter winner at Cherry Creek High School.

Matt's three brothers are also on the Duke team.

Matt and Josh (left) are twins, and Junior Redshirts Zach and Mitch (below) are twins.

Imagine the tuition!

No, I'm not imagining anything else.

There are some team members who don't have twins.  Alec Schenk is a Redshirt Junior from Perry, Ohio.

While rich white guys are disproportionately represented, there are a few minorities on the team.  Kaden Russell is a freshman from Medina, Ohio, where he lettered twice at St. Ignatius.

And Freshman Maliik (two i's) Marcin is a townie, from Durham, where he lettered four years at Charles E. Jordan High School.  He also lettered in football.

Here's the whole crew on a run at the beach.

I don't know if any of them are gay, but Duke athletes participate in a "Sports and Social Justice Initiative" to teach them how to advocate for gay rights, and the 80+ "Athlete Allies" march in the Durham gay pride parade.


  1. Duke's called the Harvard of the South for a reason, though Duke has a better athletics division.


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