Jul 15, 2018

High School and College Wrestling Twins

I had so much success with swim team twins that I tried it out with wrestlers: twins on the same wrestling team in high school or college, preferably posed together in their singlets.

There are quite a lot of them.

1. Jack and Luke Bokina wrestle for Mattituck High School on Long Island.

I could only find singlet pics of Jack, but here they are wrestling each other. Jack in yellow, Luke in blue.

2. Jeff and Justin Holm from Harper Creek, Michigan, wrestled for Olivet College in 2014-2015 (not Olivet Nazarene College, another one).  Jeff transferred to Ohio State, and Justin, to the University of Nebraska, splitting up the team.

3. Finally, a picture of the two together, in singlets.  They are Marco and Gator Groves (Gator's real name is Bobby), who graduated from McClintock High School in Tempe, Arizona and went on to Arizona State.

4.In 2013, Ethan and Grayson Dolan of Long Valley, New Jersey won the "Beat the Streets" Championship at Madison Square Garden in New York. They were 8th graders at Long Valley Middle School.

In 2018, they are the Dolan Twins, internet celebrities who have had a comedy program on Awesomeness TV for 3 years.

5.Saxon and Brayden Lyman  (carrying the coach in their arms) placed in the state competition in Des Moines, Iowa  in July 2018.  They also play football at Eagle Grove Community School.

More after the break.

6.  Alex and Andrew Hoover from Mt. Spokane High School in Mead, Washington, were state contenders in 2016.  They went on to Case Western Reserve.

7. Zahid and Anthony Valencia (#3 and#5) wrestled for St. John Bosco High School in Bellflower, California,  and then for Arizona State.

8. Hser Eh and Hser Moo Pwee escaped from their native Burma in 2007, and in 2015 were wrestling  for Worthington High School in Minnesota.  They are currently attending Minnesota Technical College.

9. Paulando and Geralando Dennison wrestled for Whitehorse High School, Montezuma Creek, Utah, in the Navajo Nation.  They were also on the track team, and performed songs on their youtube channel.

10. The Wissel Twins, Ryan and Tyler, are wrestling for Highland High School in Medina, Ohio

They're #1 and #5 in this photo.

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  1. Wait, their name actually IS Dolan? And here I thought they just chose that name for the dank meme. No one named Spoderman, I assume, just because *snap*


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