Jul 14, 2018

Small Town Swim-Team Twins

After posting on the four twins wrestling for Duke University, I started looking for more twins who competed on wrestling or swim teams together.

Turns out that twins often choose the same activities growing up, so there are quite a lot of twin swimmers, memorialized in articles with titles like "Seeing Double" and "Double Threat."

1. Ben and Josh Rudgayzer of Hewlett High School on Long Island.

1. Cale and Shane Blinkman  (#1 and #3) represented the St. Croix Swim Club of Stillwater, Minnesota at the USA Swimming Speedo Junior Winter Nationals in Iowa City in 2016.

3. Todd and Charlie Boaz swim for Bloomington High School in Illinois.  Todd also plays football.

4. Jay Litherland (right) of the University of Georgia made the U.S. Olympic swim team.  The other triplets, Kevin and Mick, tried but didn't make the cut.

5.Back in 2009, Bill and Dan Jones from Fremont, Michigan swam for Harvard.

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6. Max and Lex Hernandez-Nietling scored big at the Class 5-1A State Championship at Topeka, Kansas in 2016. They were juniors at Bishop Miege High School in Roeland Park, Kansas.

I can't tell which two are Lex and Max.  Here's aphoto of Lex.

7.Colin and Morgan Richter from Cleburne, Texas, when they swam for Goucher College in 2014.

8. Ryan and Patrick Gridley of New Trier High School in Northfield, Illinois.

I don't know which two they are.  Maybe this picture of Ryan with hair will help.

9. Vincent and Thomas Finello (#1 and #4) of the Viewpoint School in Calabasas, California.

10. Brandon and Richard Keller swam for Olympic High School in Charlotte, North Carolina.  But then Richard went to Towson University, and Brandon went to the University of Cincinnati.

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