Jul 29, 2018

The Beefcake of New Lexington

Since most of Ohio consists of suburbs of Cleveland, Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and Toledo, there's always a gay neighborhood nearby.  New Lexington is about as rural as you're going to get: an hour from Cleveland, just south of the Perry State Forest, near towns named Moxahala and Alabama Hill.

It's an old city, as American cities go.  The original inhabitants were the Mound Builders, or as the village website tells us: "Far back, beyond the memory of men, and even traditions, a race of people lived here before the red man."

Wow, people living here before men and even red men!

"Men" moved to the region in 1817, and named the village after Lexington, Massachusetts.

Today New Lexington "is dedicated to the people of New Lexington."  Figures.

Its economy seems to be based mostly on agriculture, although there are a lot of vacation rentals around.

It states that there is a middle school, a high school, and a college.  The college is "Hocking College Perry Campus," which looks like a single building out by the fairgrounds.

According to Trip Advisor, its best restaurant is named "Pizza Place and Restaurant."  A reviewer eloquently describes the food as "yummy."

Its motto is "stuff your face."

There's a bowling alley and a swimming pool.

The news for New Lexington:
New Aldi store opens
Mayor appeals impeachment
Wrestlers win tournament.

Sounds terrible.

But there's one thing that makes New Lexington stand out: a website with gigantic photos of everyone on the high school wrestling team.

I had to shrink them down to 25% to make them small enough to post.

This guy is especially well represented.  His mother, who teaches in the school system, has a display of 20 photos of him on her class website.  Come for the homework assignment, stay for the beefcake.

They really like their wrestling in New Lex.  They start in 5th grade.

And never stop.

Almost makes up for the lack of a swim team, a theater, a used bookstore, or...well just about everything else.

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  1. Urrgh, the myth that the mound builders were Jews, Turks, Chinese, Egyptians, survivors of Atlantis, or some combination thereof.

    Or something more...Lovecraftian. Alien beings sleeping there since before the planet had fully accreted.

    Either way, I lose 2 SAN.


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