Jul 22, 2018

The Brown-Skinned Beefcake of Bronson Harmon's Home Town

No doubt you've heard about Bronson Harmon, whose wrestling scholarship to California Polytechnic (San Luis Obispo, CA) was revoked after a video surfaced of him at a Families Belong Together rally.  They were protesting the Trump Administration policy of taking children from their parents at the border and keeping them behind barbed-wire fences.

  Bronson, his father, and some others wanted to demonstrate their approval of the policy, and their belief that anyone who disapproved must be an illegal immigrant, so they started yelling "Send them back!"

Somebody in the group called Abdul Lesaing the n* word.  He turned and began filming them in case they got violent. 

Apparently Bronson assumed that he was gay as well as brown-skinned -- he was carrying a sign promoting world peace -- and yelled  "F*k off, Faggot!"

They did get involved in a violent confrontation later, but Abdul wasn't there.

Although his scholarship was revoked, Bronson will still be attending Cal Poly this fall.  I wonder if he knows that his college has a LGBT Pride Center.

Homophobes are horrified by the idea of men desiring them -- they are afraid that it means they are gay.  So here are some pictures of Bronson. Try not to look.

Are you not looking?

Bronson gets a lot of praise from people in his home town of Oakdale, California, near Stockton in the central valley.  I imagine that a lot of them would approve of the anti-gay slur as well as the "Send them back!"  So here are some pictures of Oakdale wrestlers.

Try not to look.

Is that a brown person in the back row?

This is definitely a brown person.  29% of the population of Oakdale is Hispanic, 2% Asian, 1% Black.

The Oakdale High Cross Country Team. 

I was surprised to discover that the home page of Oakdale High advertised a Rainbow Prom held by the Gay-Straight Alliances of four high schools.  Open to everyone aged 14 to 20, held at Modesto Center Plaza.

I'm guessing Brandon would be surprised, too.


  1. Alt right types, you'd think I'm the era of smartphones and real-time crowd-doxxing, they'd be smart enough to wear a sheet like their antecedents.

    But then, a lot of people can't believe a college-bound Californian could be alt right.

    1. Have you not spent any time in the Central Valley? It's frightening.

    2. My ex-boyfriend Fred lived in Fresno for several years, but I don't think I ever drove up to visit him.


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