Jul 24, 2018

The Beefcake on the Tightrope

Just look at the beefcake, and don't look down.  This is Mich Kemeter walking a 99-foot tightrope across Taft Point in Yosemite National Park.

Why?  Because it's there.

He's followed by Dean Potter.

Jerry Miszewski holds the world record, 704 feet across the Cosumnees River Gorge near Sacramento.  It took 90 minutes.

Notice that he is attached to the line. An important safety precaution.  Jerry fell 72 times before he made it all the way across.

Highlining is a new extreme sport that developed out of rock climbing and tightrope walking.  You cross canyons and gorges.  Although you are attached to the line so you can't fall, you have to overcome fear and fatigue as you wend your way across.

At a more reasonable distance from the ground, tightrope walking is good for balance and coordination, skills useful in many sports.

Here Spencer Seabroke demonstrates the difference between a tight,rope and a slack rope.  Slacklining is even more challenging, since the rope is swaying and adjusting more.

The line can be as slack as you want.  More slack, more difficult to walk.

Or you can add to the challenge by upping the danger of what lies below.  Here Josh Beaudoin crosses a slackline over crocodile-infested waters.

The Yoga Slackers travel the world, looking for interesting places to slack.  And take their shirts off.

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