Jul 18, 2018

The Top 10 Teen Idols in the World

I grew up in the golden age of teen idols: David Cassidy, Shaun Cassidy, Robbie Benson, Bobby Sherman, Leif Garrett.  Top rated tv shows, #1 songs, gushing articles in teen magazines ("Find out what it's like to kiss Bobby!").

And beefcake.  It took awhile to get your big break, so the teen idols were adults, in their late teens or 20s, with physiques and bulges.  They appealed to guys in high school and college.  Even adults often found them hot.

Today any 10-year old with a Youtube account can upload a video of him singing or telling a joke and suddenly gain 3,000,000 followers, sponsors, a movie deal, and fame.  As a result, the teen idols tend to be very, very young, of interest to junior high kids and maybe, in a stretch, high schoolers, while the adults are thinking "But he's just a kid!"

To illustrate, here are the top 10 male teen idols from the website Teen Idols 4 You:

#10. Jace Norman, star of Nickelodeon's Henry Danger, posing here in his underwear.  18 years old, barely an adult.  A very skinny adult.  And remember, he's been on Henry Danger for 4 years.  And he's only #10.

#9. Alex Ruygrok, Australian, a model who began his career in January 2017 by posting pictures of himself in various fashion designs to Instagram.  He got lots of followers and sponsors, and was featured on the cover of Fashion Kids in January 2018.  He's now 13 years old, so he must have started at age 11.

#8. William Franklyn-Miller, a 14-year old British actor and model.  He has appeared in about six episodes of tv series, including Arrow, Neighbours, and Jack Irish, but he still managed to get  979,000 followers on Instagram.

At least he has abs.

#7.  Romeo Beckham, a 15-year old British guy.  I don't know why he has 1.5 million followers on Instagram. Is it because he's the son of soccer star David Beckham?

I think he's the one on the right.

#6. Miles Heizer.  An  actual adult (age 24). He has appeared in Parenthood, CSI, The Arm, and elsewhere.  His popularity is probably due to his role in the suicide drama 13 Reasons Why.  This is not a gay romance scene.

#5.Ricky Garcia.  Ok, this one is old enough to drive a car (age 19), starring on the Disney Channel's Best Friends Whenever and in the movie Bigger, Fatter Lier (2017).  He's also a singer. He's on the right, on a date with  #1 Asher Angel.

#4. Johnny Orlando, age 15, an internet celebrity whose song "Mackenzie" has 11 million views on Youtube.  He's also made some movies.

Have you noticed that, regardless of age, they all have shirtless or underwear photos uploaded for the edification of their fans?  And they all seem to have abs.

#3. Carson Lueders, age 16, an internet celebrity with 3 million instagram followers, a singer who loves his friends, family, and God.  He's legal to date in some states, but why would anyone over the age of 13 want to?  Even though the stars-and-stripes shorts are kind of cool.

#2. Bryce Gheisar, a 13 year old Canadian actor known for the Disney Channel's Walk the Prank (2016-2017) and Wonder (2017), about a boy with a physical deformity going to a mainstream school.  Unfortunately, I think he's the one on the right.  Could I get a date with the boyfriend instead?

And the #1 teen idol in the world:

#1. Asher Angel, aka "Ashy Boy,"  Jonah the heartthrob on the Disney Channel's teencom Andi Mack.  15 years old.

He's the one second from the left, making gang signs while immersed in a pool.  Call me in about 5 years.

I do like his choice of friends, though, especially the red-trunks guy with his boyfriend leaning against his crotch.  Is Asher gay?


  1. I thought the late 90s were the golden age of teen idols? Well, at least boy bands.

    1. You tend to stop following teen idols after your own teen years, and don't pay much attention to the new ones. I couldn't name a teen idol from the late 1990s without looking them up. Maybe Mark-Paul Goesselaer?

  2. Pretty sure that pic is not Wiliam Franklyn-Miller. He's skinnier than that.

    1. If his Instagram says it's him, it must be him.

  3. In your pic of the Beckham boys, Romeo is actually the one in the middle (wearing the black shirt). The barechested boy on the right is the youngest brother Cruz, who is only 13.
    There are other pics of Romeo out there - with his shirt off. He has yet to fill out properly but looks set to develop into a very good looking young man.

    1. I thought the middle boy looked much younger than the other two

    2. https://postimg.cc/image/67z1kqad3/

      Yes I agree with you... just to clarify, this is Romeo.


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