Jul 20, 2018

The Top Teen Idols in the World, #11 to #20

Time to look at Teen Idols #11-20, to see if they can hold a candle to the teen idols of the Golden Age, such as David Cassidy, Shaun Cassidy, and Robby Benson.

11. Brooklyn Beckham.  Another of soccer guy David Beckham's kids.  He doesn't seem to sing or act, but he was on the cover of the magazine Man About Town, in an article entitled "Drop the Boy."

Kind of pasty, and what's with the Cupid tattoo?  But at least he's 19.

12. Aiden Gallagher, age 14, Nicky in the Disney teencom Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn.

13. Levi Miller, age 15, Calvin in A Wrinkle in Time.  I liked the movie, but I thought Levi was miscast.  Calvin should be a long, gawky stringbean, not the school Golden Boy.  I'd like to know who his friends are.

14. Bradley Steven Perry, age 16, star of the Disney Channel's Good Luck Charlie

15. Izan Llunes (right, with his brother and father Marco).  Androgynous, like a young Leif Garrett.  He won the Spanish musical competition La voz kids, has two albums, and stars in the Netflix series Luis Miguel.  I don't know how old he is.  Six?

16. Jake Short, age 21, star of the Disney teencom A.N.T. Farm.  He's on the right, with Austin North and Bradley Steven Perry.  Not the most buffed of the group.

17. Joshua Rush, age 16, who plays the first identified gay teen on children's tv, on Andy Mack.  He's on the right, in the arms of Asher Angel, who really gets around.

So does Joshua:

I'm not slut-shaming; there's nothing wrong with dating two guys at once.

There are shirtless pics of Joshua, but he's with a girl.

18. Merrick Hanna, age 13.  According to wikipedia, he's a "popping and animation style dance, mostly focusing on dancing like a robot."  He gave an "interstellar performance" on America's Got Talent at age 11, and won the Shorty Award for Best in Dance.  His sponsors include Honda and the Gap.

We have to get to #18 before the teen idols stop posting selfies of their abs.  During the Golden Age, such things were rare; there were only two shirtless photos of Shaun Cassidy in existence, and just one of Leif Garrett. 

19. Anthony Ursin, age 13, a French actor known for Chocolat (2016).

20. Nicolas Bechtel, age 13, from Disney's Stuck in the Middle and the soap General Hospital.

Believe it or not, he's got shirtless selfies out there for the edification of his 711,000 Instagram followers.

I can't imagine junior high kids putting up posters of any of these guys in their bedrooms, or writing their names in little hearts in their chemistry notebooks.  But I guess those things are passe, today's tweens follow their idols on Instagram and Twitter and find out what they had for lunch.

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