Aug 8, 2018

Beefcake and Buddhism in Clover, South Carolina

My least favorite state is obviously Texas, but South Carolina comes in at a close second.  It's a weird combination of super-fundamentalist churches and hetero sex shops, so hot and humid that you want to spend all your time at the beach, and a lot of the people are unabashedly racist.  I was on a job interview there once, and a professor at the top university in the state told me that African-Americans were not as smart as white people.

But I like Clover, South Carolina.  It's so close to the border that it might as well be in North Carolina, it's in the mountains, so not too humid, and it was named the #4 gayest city in the state by RoadSnack.

There's the Vien Quang Buddhist Monastery, a beautiful spot for quiet contemplation. 

A historic downtown with quirky shops, antiques, and a Thai restaurant, so you don't have to settle for Pop Pop's Diner.

And the Crowders Mountain State Park, with some challenging hiking trails.

The Blue Eagle Academy is an alternative high school for students with academic or other difficulties.  It teaching the Buddhist philosophy of mindfulness.  There are therapy dogs and a peace resolution table.

The Clover High School Swim Team in Clover, South Carolina arranges its photos by class.  There aren't a lot of boys.  These are the freshmen.


The single junior and senior.

But there are boys on the wrestling team.

The main gym in town is Mc2 Athletics, which offers fitness and self defense training.


  1. You'd be surprised how many rich, college-educated whites are racist. It's a dirty secret, but BBQ Becky had a degree, and she's hardly unique. Sam Harris recently demonstrated how evolutionary psychology has devolved into anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

    Anyway, Mc2? No gym should use Mc. You go to McPlaces to go in the opposite direction.

    1. The website doesn't explain it, but it might refer to the famous equation e=mc2, so you will get a lot of energy there.


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