Aug 6, 2018

Boxing Beefcake at the World Series

Boxing may not be a popular sport in the United States, but it is in other countries.  Every year since 2008, the International Boxing Association (AIBA) has sponsored the World Series of Boxing, inviting amateur athletes from nearly 40 countries to compete.

More interesting for the beefcake fans are the weigh-ins, where athletes from competing teams pose in their gym trunks or underwear, pretending to be angry with each other and ready for a fight.

1. Britain v. France. I like the French cut underwear.

2. China v. Kazakhstan.  Both have xylophone abs.

3. Uzbekistan v. France.

4. Cuba

5. India v. Kazakhstan

6. Russia

7. India

8. Uzbekistan v. Colombia.  I don't understand the two-finger gesture they keep flashing.

9. Morocco.  Nice chest.

10.  Venezuela.  Kind of skinny.


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