Aug 4, 2018

The Beefcake Bust of Burk's Falls

I was interested in this photo of two boys jumping off a high dive into the Magnetewan River at Burk's Falls.

Here's why.  A very scary high dive.

I figured there must be hundreds of other photos of guys jumping off that monster, a perfect beefcake opportunity (we find people more attractive in scary situations).

So I looked up Burk's Falls.

It's a village of 1,000, in a region advertised as "the Great Canadian Wilderness" although it's only 273 km north of Toronto.  A lot of vacation cottages.

Other than outdoor stuff, its major attraction is Midlothian Castle, with a 20-foot tall screaming skull atop.

Retired art teacher Peter Camani has spent 25 years building the castle and filling the grounds with hundreds of screaming head sculptures.

I assume he's gay. Why not?

Visitors are welcome to roam the grounds, but the castle is off limits except for one day a year, when Camani hosts an arts festival.

Burk's Falls was the setting for Running Mates (2011), n independent film about two "best mates" from childhood now running against each other for village mayor (Thomas Michael, Paolo Mancini).

I assume they're gay, too. 

I couldn't find that particular high dive -- it must be long gone -- or any photos of people swimming or diving anywhere near Burk's Falls. Except for this long shot.

Even the two nearby high schools had no photos of a swim team, or a wrestling team.  All I cold find was the track team, not in uniform, flashing signs identifying them as members of the Crips.

I highly doubt that they really belong to the Crips, an African-American gang from south central L.A. known for its drug trafficking and violence. 

But apparently the youth of the great Canadian wilderness like to pretend. 

Nothing else to do, now that the high dive is gone.

My search for Burk's Falls beefcake was a bust.  So here's a random panel from a Daffy Duck comic book.

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  1. What's funny is people who flash the Crips sign, but then replace C with the B emoji like Bloods, except stupidly. (You don't replace C before K, since that stands for Crip Killer.)


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