Aug 1, 2018

The Mysterious "North Atlanta High Boys' Swim Team" Photo

This photo was entitled "Good luck to the North Atlanta High Boys' Swim Team."

I'm all for fluidity in gender, but I could swear that this boys' team consists of six girls, a baby, and a single boy.

Looking at the original website didn't help: it's devoted to "finding synonyms and antonyms."  "Swim team" is a synonym of "Diving team."

So I searched for the original phrase, and found it on "Talk Up APS," the official blog of the Atlanta Public Schools, in February 2011.

This illustration is a little more conventional.Four guys named Rehan, Sam, Neal, and Dillon.

North Atlanta High, in the Paces neighborhood about 10 miles north of downtown,  has 1,800 students.  It offers swimming and diving as separate sports, plus wrestling, basketball, and cross-country.

The phrase also appears on a webpage entitled "What to talk about with a boy in middle school cupboard design," whatever that means (I can't link to it; the danger signs go up).

Ok, I'm game.  I searched for middle school boys' cupboards, and came up with three 8th graders displaying the superhero-style scooters they built in shop class.  It beats birdhouses.

They go to Amery Middle School in Amery, Wisconsin, about 50 miles east of Minneapolis, the home town of this guy named Hunter, who is now wrestling for the University of Wisconsin Badgers.

What about the original image, wrongly identified as the "North Atlanta Swim Team."  A google image search reveals it as the "Sir Francis Drake High School Dive Team" in San Anselmo, California, in Marin County, about 20 miles north of San Francisco.

This is half of the water polo team (I picked the side with the weird hair).

And the one guy on the team, amid six girls and a baby?  His name is Rick.   He also played football and baseball, and took AP Language, American History, and Statistics.  He graduated in 2017, and is now at the Air Force Academy, majoring in mathematics.

And the point of all this is?

I got to conduct fun research and look at photos of cute guys.

You got to marvel at the inanity of the google search algorithm, and look at photos of cute guys.

Time well spent.

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